Kate Johnson

Gallery Cocoa

Kate Johnson

Part-time Level 3 in Confectionery & Patisserie at college's Duke Street centre.


Kate from Waterloo was working full-time at National Museums Liverpool as an education manager when she decided to start studying Confectionery part-time at college.

She loved making chocolates and her course with Siobhan Sweet expanded her knowledge as an artisan chocolatier. She came along to an Enterprise Club session in February where we talked about focusing on getting bigger clients and what equipment she might need.

Judges in the competition loved the depth of detail in her planning and the testers Kate made of her product – a tray of artisan chocolates! Later that afternoon, Kate was announced as winner of a prize worth £3000. Kate wanted to finish her college course and set up her cooking premises officially before she collected her prize and in August she picked up her £1k from Donal, her £1k worth of PR and marketing from Agent and has started plans for her £1k launch event through Pink Media.

Kate’s enterprise journey so far

September 2014

Kate signed up for her course in Patisserie & Confectionery and began learning new techniques. By December Kate had begun making artisan chocolates for friends and getting rave reviews!

January 2015

Kate saw a poster for The Enterprise Club’s competition at Duke Street and sent Melanie an email. She came along to a drop-in session with The Enterprise Club and the Women's Org about starting up.

March 2015

Kate submitted her business plan for the #iamenterprising competition and was selected as a finalist. During April Kate worked hard on getting her pitch just right for the finale.

May 2015

The judges at the #iamenterprising final were wowed by Kate’s depth of detail in her pitch for her business idea ‘Gallery Cocoa’, her careful planning and realistic request for funding to get her business going properly. Later that afternoon, Kate was called back for the announcement… she won!

And that win meant £1k of PR to get a load of new customers, £1k for a launch event and £1k in cash.

June 2015

Kate wanted to focus on her exams for her Level 3 in Duke Street centre before she turned her attention to her chocolate business.

July 2015

The Women’s Org offered Kate loads of free courses in how to make the most of social media, how to deal with the tough bits of business like tax, and gave her a one-to-one Business Advisor, Fran, who Kate says has been hugely helpful in pushing her to get everything she needed into place.

August 2015

Kate went to Morecrofts Solicitors to see Donal Bannon who gave her a free Business MOT… and then handed over a cheque for £1000! Kate already had her spending plan in place and her eye on some fab new equipment to make her skills as a chocolatier steps ahead of her competition.

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