Kiara Mako


Kiara Mako

Age 25

Studies Level 3 Diploma
in Art and Design

Kiara studies Level 3 Diploma in Art and Design at college's Arts Centre and came along to an Enterprise Club drop-in session at the LEX in November.

She met with Melanie and they chatted over crisps and a cuppa about her latest design work for the local Polish community group, Merseyside Polonia. Kiara was already designing and taking photos for Polish families she met through Polonia, however she wanted some help starting up her business properly.

Kiara juggles a full-time college course with taking care of her young son and working weekends as a freelance photographer. Kiara kept working on her business, popping in for one-to-one sessions with The Enterprise Club, and handed in her business plan in April.

Kiara was shortlisted as a finalist and finally pitched to the judges in the LEX Boardroom in May 2015. The judges loved her pitch and the hard work she had put into developing her website for two different sets of clients – design and photography. She won a prestigious Runner Up place.

Kiara’s enterprise journey so far

October 2014

Offered her design work for Merseyside Polonia who run events for the Polish community across the region.

Became Polonia's chief photographer for events and family occasions.

April 2015

Attended #iamenterprising Business Bootcamp to develop herbusiness plan

Shortlisted as a finalist

May 2015

Presented her design and photography business plan at the finale event and won a Runner Up prize of £100 and support from Women's
Organisation and Agent Marketing.

July 2015

Helped rebrand the Women's Organisation website and took official photographs for their new business club

(The business plan was set up by The Women's Organisation in partnership with The Enterprise Club to make it easy for students to fill in all the details they
would need to make a pitch – their customer base, how they would promote and their cash flow).

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